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What is a CMA?

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional certification that signifies proficiency in corporate finance and business management.
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What is the CMA Exam?

The CMA exam has 2 parts covering a wide range of accounting topics and includes multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and essay scenarios.
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What are the Next Steps?

Whether it's understanding exam requirements, choosing study materials, or registering for the exam, we are your ultimate resource for the CMA exams.
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Choosing Your Exam Prep Provider & Study Materials

CMA720 has made it easy to compare and contrast the best CMA exam prep providers available.


The Steps to Success

Our resources and exam provider information will help guide your path to successfully passing the CMA exams. The first step is understanding the exam requirements.

Ready to Advance Your Career?

Compensation, career opportunities, and job satisfaction rates for CMAs are excellent, but that's not all. Your extra financial knowledge and expertise put you a level up when compared with non-certified management accountants and increase the value that you can bring to any size organization.


Increased Salary

CMAs are paid 67% more than their peers without a CMA according to the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).


More Knowledge & Confidence

90% of the IMA’s 2020 Global Salary Survey respondents holding the CMA stated the certification gave them more confidence to perform their job at a high level.


Career Growth

More than 70% of the Global Salary Survey respondents agree that the certification provides career
opportunities for them.