CMA Studying Tips

Study Strategies for Success

Studying for the CMA exam requires a lot of focus, hard work and tenacity. It may have taken you years to finally come to the decision to take this test - or you may have made this decision very early in your career. Some of you likely have strenuous job commitments and/or families.

The study process can be tedious, but here are some tips that might help you:

How Long Do I Need to Study for the CMA Exams?

Based on years of experience, we recommend studying 8-10 hours per week to prepare for the exam in four months.  Depending on your personal and professional obligations, you can adjust this amount of time to fit your schedule.

150 Hours

Our recommendation on how many hours to study for each part of the exam.

3-6 Months

The average timeframe students take to study for each exam portion.

1 Year

The average time it takes students to pass both parts of the exam.  But it's okay to take longer!

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Preparing for Exam Day

Learn about the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam results dates and what to do while waiting.

Your Path to CMA Certification

Let us help you with your CMA exam journey!