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Why CMA720

Why do we call this site CMA720? It is simple - the passing score for the CMA Exam is 360 and you need to pass two Exams. So, in order to pass the CMA Exams, you need a total of 720 points. We have created this site to help you get the 720 points that you need to become a CMA.

CMA720 is your goal, and we want you to get there! Learn more about the CMA Exam structure and the scaled scoring system.

About Us

CMA720 is created by HOCK international, one of the leading CMA Exam providers in the world. We have been preparing candidates to pass their CMA exams for over 20 years, and during that time we have seen a lot of providers and training centers come and go. We know that it is important for each candidate to find the right study materials and support for them. Even though HOCK international materials are complete and affordable, we understand the materials and study methods that work for one person may not work for another.

Because each candidate is unique, it is not possible for anyone to make a single recommendation and say that a certain provider or course is the best for everyone. Therefore, we do not provide a #1 or a ranking of the providers. We simply give you information about the main self-study providers in the market so that you are able to compare them. Neither CMA720 nor HOCK international receive commissions or any other form of payment from any of the providers on this page. There are no contracts or agreements with any of the providers.

You will note that we do give each provider a way to contact us if they feel that the information we have provided is incorrect. We intend for this to help make certain that the information provided is accurate and up to date.

The best way for you to find the materials that will work for you is to use the free sample materials from each provider. We strongly encourage you to sign up for the free samples and use their materials to help you decide which one will help you pass your CMA Exams with confidence.

Again, we do not get a commission for any purchases made by candidates who have visited this site. We have created this site to support CMA candidates around the world in their studies and to provide information to candidates about the most popular self-study options. We hope that the information provided on CMA720 is useful to you and wish all candidates success on your Exams.

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